PVC & CPVC Two-Piece Backing Rings

Here you will find two solutions to strengthen and eliminate cracking Van Stone style PVC or CPVC flanges.

MARZOLF® two-piece backing rings can be made to fit PVC/CPVC/PVDF Van Stone style flanges. This line of lightweight backing rings is engineered specifically to back-up and strengthen plastic pipe flanges. These rings allow for greater bolt torques without cracking PVC/CPVC Van Stone style flanges. The two-piece design allow the backing rings to be installed before or after the hubs have been assembled. These backing rings come in epoxy coated carbon steel or stainless steel.

MARZOLF two-piece replacement rings should be used if you have already cracked your plastic flanges. This line of rings allow you to simply remove and replace the cracked PVC or CPVC rings with a MARZOLF two-piece replacement ring. These rings can be made of PVC, CPVC, coated carbon steel, or stainless steel. They are designed to fit all major manufacturers of plastic piping. Please contact us for dimensional information.

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