About Us

MARZOLF® flanges interlocking split flanges, designed to split in half and simplify installation and removal of your Van Stone style backing rings. They are engineered to interleave as flange halves are brought together to create unrivaled strength and rigidity in a two-piece flange. MARZOLF® Flanges eliminate the need to cut and re-weld pipe ends when installing or replacing backing rings used in the fluid process industries.

Industries Served

The Marzolf Company is proud to be the interlocking split flange supplier to a wide and quickly growing number of industries, providing standard and custom flanges to businesses of all shapes, sizes, and services.

Pulp & Paper

Fluid sealing and handling is a vital part of the pulp and paper industry. As such, Marzolf Company lends its unparalleled expertise to helping such companies manage their pipes, valves, and fittings for handling pulp, green liquor, black liquor, and pulp applications.

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Chemical processing plants and manufacturers require piping for everything from chemical drainage to hot/cold water distribution to corrosive liquid systems and beyond.

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Water & Wastewater

Fittings and flanges can include water main fittings, brass, surface castings, and industrial in-plant fittings. All manner of water sealing and handling systems rely on strong, reliable flanges in order to direct the flow where it needs to go.

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From sewers to regional water distribution, municipalities are built on a foundation of pipes and valves—and the Marzolf Company wants those same municipalities to never worry about whether their system is going to hold together under public demand.

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Pipe network (and the flange that hold them together) are essential to everything from coal-fired energy to nuclear to renewable resources. As the world continues to expand its energy networks, the Marzolf Company is right alongside it, helping build up the infrastructure.

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Oil & Gas

Inviolable piping systems are necessary to funnel oil and natural gas from the field to the processor to the consumer. Every step of the way is a vital link in the supply-and-demand chain, and the Marzolf Company offers its expertise to oil and gas clients across the country.

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