MARZOLF® FLANGES are two-piece lap joint flanges, designed to split in half and simplify installation and removal of your Van Stone style backing rings. MARZOLF® FLANGES are engineered to interleave as flange halves are brought together to create unrivaled strength and rigidity in a two-piece flange. MARZOLF® FLANGES eliminate the need to cut and re-weld pipe ends when installing or replacing backing rings used in the fluid process industries.



When you shut down your line to replace slip on or lap joint flanges, your equipment is not producing. The unique design of the MARZOLF® FLANGE eliminates the need to cut and re-weld stub ends or cut and re-fuse flange adapters on both steel and polyethylene pipe. This feature expedites the repair, to reduce down time.


Quickly and simply make permanent flange replacements with the MARZOLF® two-piece flange. Its innovative interleaving design allows maintenance personnel to slip the flange halves around the pipe, slide the interleaving halves together, simply insert two bolts at the interleaves which hold the flange halves together; now with both hands free, quickly install and tighten the remaining bolts to complete the repair. This efficient design feature safely increases your maintenance department’s productivity, reduces your plant down time, and saves you money.

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Please contact us to discuss your specific application. Approximately 15% of our work is for custom applications or non-standard materials. We manufacture to ANSI/ASME dimensions as well as metric dimensions. You may contact us regarding your specific material requirements including Titanium, Hastelloy, PVC/CPVC, or polypropylene among others. Please let us know how we may work with you to customize our products to accommodate your applications and solve your most challenging needs.

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