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Class 150 Tube Flanges

  • Class 150 Tube Angle Ring Split Flange

    Class 150 Tube Angle Ring Split Flange (40)

    Marzolf split flanges to fit tube angle face rings are lightweight backing rings sized to fit OD tube angle rings and handle the lower pressure requirements usually associated with the use of OD tube.  The Marzolf Two-Piece design allows you to replace failed backing rings without cutting and rewelding the pipe.  They have class 150 drilling and come in carbon steel and stainless steel.  The carbon steel rings are electro-zinc plated or e-coat epoxy coated to enhance corrosion resistance.  Several other stainless steel alloys and coatings are available. Marzolf flanges save you time and money by expediting repairs to reduce downtime and labor costs.

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