About Us

Made in the USA

The Marzolf Company, Incorporated is located in the heart of the United States of America. Centrally located in the Midwestern city of River Falls, Wisconsin. All MARZOLF® flanges are manufactured in the United States of America, from domestic or DFARS compliant materials.

Since 1955

George B. Marzolf, Sr. invented the MARZOLF two-piece back-up flange in 1955 and was granted a patent in 1959. As the story goes, Mr. Marzolf was touring a paper mill in Wisconsin, watching as a large pipe was being hoisted into position. One man was maneuvering the pipe into place with his hands, when the straps suddenly slipped, launching the solid backing ring down the length of the pipe crushing the man’s hand.

As Mr. Marzolf reflected upon the incident he thought to himself, “There must be a way to install those rings after the pipe is securely in place.” And the MARZOLF two-piece flange was born.

Plant safety was the genesis of the MARZOLF flange; maintenance efficiency is the by-product, and they both hold true today. Since then, the fluid process industry has changed and The Marzolf Company has evolved right along with it.



Customer Service & Quality Products

Customer service and quality products are paramount at The Marzolf Company. You’ll work with a real person from your initial contact to your notification of shipment. We’ll discuss your specific application to ensure you receive the correct product. We stock 1/2″ through 30” flanges in both carbon steel and stainless steel. Standard lead time for special and custom orders is two weeks to ship.

We understand the importance of a safe workplace and how our products play an integral part in providing a safe environment for plant personnel working in and around our flanges. Your employees’ safety and well-being are on our minds as we fabricate and before we ship every single flange.