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3″ Class 150 T-316L Stainless Steel Two-Piece Flange to Fit High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) DIPS Pipe 1722-4/4-DIPS #03T316-4/4-DIPS

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This line of MARZOLF™ Two-Piece Flanges is designed to fit Ductile Iron Pipe Stub Ends. MARZOLF™ Flanges save money and reduce down time by eliminating the need to cut and reweld piping when installing or replacing Lap Joint flanges behind Stub Ends. These rings are also available in T-304L Stainless Steel.


Legacy Part Number 1722-4/4-DIPS
Size 3″
Inside Diameter (I.D.) 4.06″
Outside Diameter (O.D.) 7-1/2″
Thickness (T) 1″
Bolt Circle (B.C.) 6″
Number of Holes 4
Holes Diameter (H.D.) 3/4″
Materials T-316L Stainless Steel

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