14-3/8 Inch (in) Inside Diameter (I.D.) T-316L Stainless Steel Pressure Rated Flange


Legacy Part Number: PR1842-21/8-IPS
Brands: MARZOLF™
Features: Corrosion Resistant, Two-Piece
Type:Lap Joint, Stub End
Size: 14 in
Inside Diameter (I.D.):14-3/8 in
Outside Diameter (O.D.): 21 in
TThickness (T): 1-5/8 in
Bolt Circle (B.C.): 18-3/4 in
Number of Holes: 12
Holes Diameter (H.D.): 1-1/8 in
Holes Diameter (H.D.):126 lb
Flange Class: 150
Flange Class: T-316L Stainless Steel
Intended Application: Pipe

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