This line of MARZOLF™ Two-Piece Backing Rings is designed to reinforce molded fiberglass flanges. These split flanges provide the ability to use greater bolt torque and increase the pressure capability of fiberglass piping. Also available in T-304L stainless steel.


Brands: MARZOLF™
Features: Corrosion Resistant|Two-Piece
Type: Stub End|Lap Joint|Ring
Size: 3
Inside Diameter (I.D.): 3/5/2008
Outside Diameter (O.D.): 7/1/2002
Thickness (T): 16-Sep
Bolt Circle (B.C.): 6
Number of Holes: 4
Holes Diameter (H.D.): 4-Mar
Weight Each: 6
Flange Class: 75
Materials: Carbon Steel
Intended Application: Pipe
Finish: Zinc Electro Plate|E-Coat Epoxy
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