Green Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

Jul 2, 2014 0 Comments in Uncategorized by

Manufacturing has seen a massive mental shift over the past few decades, expanding to include environmentally friendly practices in nearly every facet of operations. Companies are stepping up and embracing their identities as global stewards, seeking to undo the damage done to the world thanks to previously rampant regulation oversights and a prioritization of profit versus sustainability.

Fortunately, manufacturers of all sorts are increasingly shifting to cleaner methods and networks, installing all-new technology platforms and educating employees on how to respect the environment on all fronts. As this shift has occurred, a few trends have moved to the head of the line, and we’d like to share those we’ve taken note of:

Energy Efficiency – Thanks to more integrated energy system, companies are able to collect data about their ongoing energy usage, tracking emissions, and staying in-line with government environmental regulations.

  • Water Routing – The availability of clean water is a direct result of manufacturers taking steps to care for freshwater sources, provide proper sanitization measures, increasing storage capacity, and even prepare for disaster risk management and how it could affect primary water supplies.
  • Company Transparency – If a company wants to claim they’re being more environmentally friendly, it can be a great boon, boosting their positive public image. But without hard facts and data to back up those claims, many people are going to be dubious. That’s why many companies are starting to report annual energy usage as well as register for various green certifications.
  • Green Apps – Now that almost everyone is carrying around a tablet or smartphone everywhere they go, it makes sense that green-oriented apps would proliferate, helping us track work efficiency or system waste. A few helpful apps include MyRecycleList, a recycling center locator, and EcoBuzz, an environmental newsfeed.

Do you see any of these trends already at work in your corporate environment? If so, how have they made a difference in how your company tries to be more environmental stewards? If not, what would you like to see done differently?