The Marzolf Company is proud to serve a wide and quickly growing number of industries, providing standard and custom flanges to business of all shapes, sizes, and services. In fact, we’re willing to bet you either already use a Marzolf Company flange or have a business partnership with someone who does.

When things are working right and your line is operating as it should, it’s easy to overlook just how vital a single flange can be. When pipe needs replacing or line needs upgrading, though, that’s when the real power of the Marzolf Company flange is revealed! Here are just a few examples of flange applications and the industries we work within:

  • Pulp and Paper – Fluid sealing and handling is a vital part of the pulp and paper industry. As such, Marzolf Company lends its unparalleled expertise to helping such companies manage their pipes, valves, and fittings for handling pulp, green liquor, black liquor, and pulp applications.
  • Chemical – Chemical processing plants and manufacturers require piping for everything from chemical drainage to hot/cold water distribution to corrosive liquid systems and beyond.
  • Water & Wastewater – Fittings and flanges can include water main fittings, brass, surface castings, and industrial in-plant fittings. All manner of water sealing and handling systems rely on strong, reliable flanges in order to direct the flow where it needs to go!
  • Municipalities – From sewers to regional water distribution, municipalities are built on a foundation of pipes and valves—and the Marzolf Company wants those same municipalities to never worry about whether their system is going to hold together under public demand.
  • Power Plants – Pipe network (and the flange that hold them together) are essential to everything from coal-fired energy to nuclear to renewable resources. As the world continues to expand its energy networks, the Marzolf Company is right alongside it, helping build up the infrastructure.
  • Environmental – Green manufacturing is a growing trend across practically every industry. This means having the piping infrastructure to properly dispose of potentially hazardous materials, but also drawing in cleaner fuels.
  • Oil & Gas – Inviolable piping systems are necessary to funnel oil and natural gas from the field to the processor to the consumer. Every step of the way is a vital link in the supply-and-demand chain, and the Marzolf Company offers its expertise to oil and gas clients across the country.